City Treasurer


The City Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Accounting functions of the City, including preparation and monitoring of the annual budget and appropriation
  • Overseeing all monies collected and deposited into the city accounts
  • Coordinating and maintaining all accounts at financial institutions
  • Responsible for providing financial information and the administration of all other financial affairs of the City.

    Department Mission
    To provide accurate, meaningful, and timely financial data to the City departments, boards and commissions, City Council, and Mayor.
    Financial Reports
    Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports from are available at City Hall and by visiting this website:


The Administrative Department oversees the following operations:

  1. Salvatore Roti

    City Treasurer

  2. City Treasurer

    Physical Address
    4331 Southwest Highway
    Hometown, IL 60456


    Fax: (708) 424-7589

    no set hours